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Disasters can’t always be prevented, we are here to assist in the recovery process. Find out more below.

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In the event of a disaster, we ask that you adhere to the following steps when filing a claim for auto accidents, flood damage, property loss or damage, or natural disaster:

  1. Gather all insurance policies, documents, and information that are available to you.
  2. Compile all documentation and receipts of extra expenses that you have incurred and/or continue to incur. Please keep this information as you will need this to complete the claims process.
  3. Click on Disaster Claims Forms. Fill out the applicable form to your claim. If you suffered both flood and wind damage, fill out both the property and flood loss notices. Complete them to the best of your ability (even if it is just your name, address, address of loss location, a synopsis of the damage and all forms of your contact information for the insurance company to respond to you). After this has been done print a copy for your records.
  4. After printing a copy click the email button on the claim form and your information will be forwarded to us. You may also fax it to 504-883-4100.
  5. IF EITHER OF THE ABOVE OPTIONS IN #4 ARE NOT AVAILABLE TO YOU, you can phone our office for the physical location of our emergency operations to deliver or mail your loss information.
  6. PLEASE NOTE FOR EXPEDITED CLAIMS REPORTING: If you DO have your policy information, you can refer to Direct Claims Reporting and report the claim directly to the carrier.
  7. CLAIMS ADJUSTER ASSIGNMENT: The amount of time for an adjuster to contact you regarding your claim will depend on the size and scale of the disaster. After a disaster, many insurance companies will open Disaster Claims Centers around the affected areas to mass process claims. Please monitor local media, your insurance company website and the AWS website for this information as it emerges.
  8. Once you have a claim number and/or the adjuster contact information, MAKE SURE that you keep it for your records for the entirety of the claims process.
  9. IF YOU CAN SAFELY document and photo your property before and after, please do so.
  10. IF YOU CAN SAFELY prevent further damage to any of your property, please do so.

AWS Insurance pledges to work with you through this difficult period.

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