Why You Need Life Insurance NOW Not Later

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Why You Need Life Insurance NOW Not Later

Most young people know that unexpected and unforeseeable things can happen at any time, but they still have the attitude “it won’t happen to me.” And while we hope nothing bad happens to us, you never know. The point is that you don’t know when your neighbor’s tree will fall on your house, a drunk driver is going to run a stop sign, or your spouse dies. Life is scary and uncertain, and insurance helps provide a sense of stability for you or your loved ones.

People under the age of about 35 may feel invincible because of their good health, their bright future, and the endless possibilities ahead of them, but the reality is that this uncertainty calls for life planning.

According to Money Under 30, if you have a spouse and kids, you should have life insurance. Most young people do not have the funds to sustain themselves or their families for the rest of their life. So, unless you have the reserve for your spouse to retire, your house to be paid off, and your kids to enroll in college it’s smart to get a life insurance plan. Additionally, your life insurance plan will be less expensive the younger and healthier you are.

To get an estimate of your life insurance needs, you can meet with an insurance agent to thoroughly review your life and assets. However, there are tools to estimate your life insurance value. Life Nonprofit has one life insurance needs calculator here: http://bit.ly/1bSGBd7.

The most important thing to remember about insurance is that you can never be too prepared. No matter your age, life insurance can help the lives of those you love.

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