The Value of Boat Insurance

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The Value of Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is one of the more unusual things to purchase in the everyday world, but with over 310,000 registered boats in Louisiana, it becomes a valuable purchase especially in New Orleans. With the multitude of insurance agents New Orleans offers, it’s important to know the basics for boat insurance New Orleans.

Boat insurance works on different levels depending on the kind of boat in question. Fishing boats, ski boats, and sailboats often require policies like auto insurance. In this case, you can buy comprehensive coverage to protect boats of this scale from theft, vandalism, fire and flood, personal property coverage, and uninsured boater’s insurance with some additional insurance added for towing assistance. For larger boats, like yachts or houseboats, policies work similar to home insurance, especially if the owner uses the boat for more than recreational purposes.

However, the boat insurance New Orleans can offer sometimes crosses more than one field. States and cities vary when it comes to boat insurance. New Orleans, in particular, actually offers levels of insurance regarding boats within other policies. For smaller boats, homeowner policy will likely protect against some damage, and auto insurance can occasionally cover any towing issues. However, most policies in the city often cross the line on a boat larger than 26 feet, instead referring customers to yacht insurance. Fortunately, there are insurance agents New Orleans employs that specialize in finding boat protections.


Regardless of the insurance company, all boats are unique and require different levels of protection. Some New Orleans insurance agencies provide certain discounts depending on the owner such as coverage for a new boat or following a purchase of multiple insurance policies. Be sure to speak directly to one of our highly trained insurance agents at AWS Insurance to determine the best kind of boat insurance.

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