UBER Important Info

Important UBER Info

UBER Important Info

With the popularity of Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like Uber expanding to Louisiana, many people have been enjoying the ride-sharing apps affordable prices and convenience. TNC’s were also appealing to potential drivers, as they earn a generous commission for transporting customers around town.

What drivers don’t know, however, is that contrary to what the company website states, they are not fully insured. On their website, Uber states that drivers and customers are insured via their End-to-End insurance plan. Meaning a customer is insured as long as they are in the vehicle, and the drivers are covered by Liability Coverage, even between trips.

However, what Uber’s website does not fully explain are the numerous gaps in what is actually covered. For example, company’s liability insurance only covers drivers once they have been matched by a fare, when they are transporting passengers, and third parties that get into accidents with drivers. The insurance does not cover the drivers themselves in between fares.

Nevertheless, Uber maintains that the gap in their coverage can be filled by drivers’ personal car insurance (PCI). What many people do not know is that PCI policies do not cover commercial activity.
Louisiana’s Commissioner of Insurance, Jim Donelon, is cautioning people to research exactly what type of car insurance they actually need to become TNC driver. Commissioner Donelon stated, “Virtually all personal auto insurance policies exclude coverage when personal vehicles are used to give rides for fees.”

How do TNC drivers protect themselves?
The easiest way to protect yourself is to call your AWS insurance representative to discuss what insurance policy works best for your needs. Your representative will then walk you through the insurance process to find the proper commercial insurance that fits your specific situation.

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