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Save Money on Car Insurance Coverage – AWS Insurance – New Orleans, Metairie

With the holiday season just around the corner, you want to save as much money as possible so you can get everything you need for the holidays. To help you with some of those savings, AWS Insurance is going to present a few tips and tricks you can do to save money this season on your car insurance coverage.

Car insurance Savings Tips

Consider the costs of car insurance before buying a car

For those of you who are looking to invest in a new or used car for the holidays, you should not only look for that perfect color but also the cost of your insurance premium. In fact, did you know that certain colors can influence your insurance premium? It’s best to understand everything about the terms of your insurance policy coverage costs before you buy. Keep a close lookout for safety records, price, average repair costs, and the driver’s record.

Combine policies to save money

Often times car insurance companies vary widely by monthly premiums – especially if you have multiple policies rather than only liability coverage. One great characteristic that insurance carriers have in common though is multi-policy discounts. Basically, you can get a discount on car insurance policy if you opt for the same carrier’s homeowner’s insurance policy, flood insurance coverage, etc. You can even take advantage of multi-car discounts by insuring multiple vehicles & drivers in your household.

Student driving discounts

Do you have a child who’s in school? Car insurance carriers also often times have good student discounts where you can save an additional amount from your premium by showing off your little scholar’s good grades!

Driving Safely & Responsibly

If you have a great driving record (no accidents or tickets on your license), you can be taking advantage of safe driver discounts.

Car Safety Features

You can also save big if you’re driving a vehicle equipped with general safety features like ABS brakes, alarm systems, air bags, and more. The more features that reduce the risk of injury or theft, the more you save!

AWS Insurance serves New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and Southern Louisiana by providing protection for your home, business, or family with affordable plans in property insurance, liability insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and flood insurance from our Metairie, LA office. Our corporate clients can rest assured that our dedicated advisers at AWS Risk Management, LLC will help you implement workable solutions that achieve maximum asset protection with minimal cost of risk to your company.

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