Renter’s Insurance 101

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Renter’s Insurance 101

What do you know about renter’s insurance? You probably know someone who is a renter. Perhaps even you rent a home or apartment. Regardless whether it is because of financial necessity or a lifestyle preference, renters frequently choose not to insure for reasons.

Common reasons not to be insured include:

  • Insurance isn’t important because there’s no home, garage or similar property to worry about
  • There’s coverage automatically provided by my landlord
  • I can’t afford it
  • I don’t have enough possessions
  • There’s little possibility that anything will happen to my possessions

These may be your reasons for not being insured but there are many things to consider. Possessions are purchased over time. This fact makes it less obvious that a renter may own tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of property that needs to be insured. Many belongings are very high-value. Renters should consider what jewelry they own and pay particular attention to their electronics like TVs, sound systems, laptops, video game systems, etc. Even tiny apartments can hold lots of expensive property. Renters insurance can be surprisingly affordable. Insurance policies carried by landlords typically offer little or no coverage for property that is owned by tenants and guests. The same things that can damage a building can damage the property in the building, particularly natural disasters like hurricanes; so an apartment building’s contents are very vulnerable to loss.

Renters who don’t carry insurance should remember that they also need protection for their legal obligations to others. At AWS Insurance, we know that when disaster strikes in Louisiana, the cost of necessary treatment and repair can be very expensive, which can lead to a devastating hit on your financial freedom as well as a devastating hit to your family. That’s why our experts want to work with you to build a personal insurance policy that meets your budget and protects your family.

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