Purchasing Boat Insurance: What You Should Know

Boat Insurance

Purchasing Boat Insurance: What You Should Know

Memorial Day is right around the corner. The official start of summer. That means cookouts, beach trips and time on that new boat of yours. The cooler is packed. Gas is in the tank. The family is ready to go. You’ve got all your bases covered for your new boat’s first venture out. Except one thing, boat insurance.

Purchasing quality boat insurance is essential when it comes to protecting your vessel and the people aboard. And with so many options out there to meet your needs and budget, finding the right boat insurance for you is easier than ever.

So, what exactly does boat insurance cover, you ask? Coverage options range depending on the type of policy you choose. Plans can include protections from the following risks:

Storms, Sinking, Capsizing, Collision, Theft, Fire and Explosions

Most boat insurance plans also provide coverage for your property assets, including:

Equipment on the boat, Fuel tanks, Anchors, Tools, Life preservers, Dinghies and Electric trolling motors

A great boat insurance policy will also cover you for most of the risks associated with owning and operating a boat, such as liability claims as a result of someone being injured while on your boat. This portion of coverage is perfect for those boating trips in the Gulf or out on Lake Pontchartrain during the summer, when the waterways are a little more congested than usual.

Think about it, do you really want to spoil your Memorial Day weekend by dealing with a boating incident? Before you head out on the new boat, make sure you’re covered. Contact AWS Insurance to speak with a boat insurance expert. They’ll help you choose the right type of coverage for your boating needs. AWS Insurance serves New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner and Southern Louisiana by providing top-quality boating insurance to those that need it.

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