Preparing Your Home For Winter

winterizing your home

Preparing Your Home For Winter

Home Winterization

Wintertime is usually a busy time for us all. With family gatherings upon us, it is essential to make sure your home is warm and cozy. Prepping your home for cold weather is a must do to avoid damaged property and unnecessary utility charges. Winterizing your home is incredibly easy, even when on a budget or time constraint. First things first, clean out your gutters. Make sure water can flow freely to avoid ice dams. Flushing your hot water heater will ensure that it will stay reliable during the wintertime. Hot showers for all! Another quick tip is to run your fans in reverse. Fans spinning counterclockwise will make the room warmer.

Keeping A Vacant Home Safe

If you are leaving your home vacant during the winter, a few more precautions are needed.  Unplug EVERYTHING. Leaving electronics like the microwave or TV plugged in increases the risk of a fire while you’re gone. Not to be mention these appliances will be using phantom energy and you’ll be stuck with the costs. A very important step in winterizing a vacant house is shutting off the water. Leaving the water on can increase the chances of pipes bursting.
To keep pipes from freezing, keep your thermostat around 50-55 degrees while you are gone. Also, leaving faucets open will prevent pressure from building up in your pipes while you’re gone.

As always, you should find out what your homeowner’s insurance will cover. Our agents at AWS are more than happy to go over your existing coverage with you today.

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