Preparing for Rainy Days

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Preparing for Rainy Days

We’re nearly through the month of June which means hurricane season is in full swing. As the days get longer and wetter, homeowners should start taking measures to ensure the protection of their family and their possessions in the event of nature working against them. Even without the threat of a hurricane devastating someone’s home or property, New Orleans citizens could still prepare for what is, on average, the wettest month of the year.

According to WeatherBill, New Orleans experiences an average of 64 inches of rain every year with an average total of 56 rain days. June alone experiences approximately 6.83 inches of rain, more than any other month in the year. Though that may sound like a gloomy way to start the summer, it can also be a good reminder to consider flood insurance for what could be a busy season.

For any damage caused by hurricanes or other storms, you need to purchase a specialized policy for flood insurance. Although this does not usually fall under regular home insurance policies, plenty of insurance companies offer coverage regarding this type of water damage. Because the need for protection varies from home to home, you should seek out a flood insurance agent to best determine the value of your property and discover any factors that may change the coverage. Remember that while insurance can cover the costs of a building and its contents, there are exceptions depending on the type of damage suffered.

Being the third wettest city in the United States, however, doesn’t have to stop New Orleans from entertaining its people. Across the city, there are plenty of indoor activities to help pass a muggy day. You could spend an afternoon taking in the sights at one of the great museums like the WWII Museum or the New Orleans Museum of Art. Or you could just catch a movie at the Canal Place Theatres. Better yet, go out at one of the many restaurants the city has to offer and learn exactly why New Orleans is considered one of the best places to eat.

With the beginning of summer upon us, it’s the perfect time to try something new whether it’s a new hobby or contacting a flood insurance agent. Just don’t forget to pack an umbrella.

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