POCKET-POLI : AWS Just Changed The Game

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POCKET-POLI : AWS Just Changed The Game

AWS 24/7 APP IS LIVE!!!!

AWS has just taken the “terror” out of managing your insurance policies.
“24/7” is a stress-free, user-friendly, “Policy In Your Pocket” app, that makes filing a claim or adjusting a policy so simple and satisfying, even a 10 yr old could do it with ease.

Keep up to date with all the following policies 24/7, no matter where you are located:
Request policy changes
Obtain certificates of insurance
Retrieve auto IDs
Review policy data
Access documents
Send secure messages


AWS app on iPhone

Not convinced? AWS asked a less-than-insurance-savvy individual to take the app for a test drive. Here’s what was said:

It’s awesome. Incredibly simple and I understood every action beneath each header. Everything you need is clearly laid out and available, including important documents of your own that would likely be kept in a safe somewhere and inconvenient to obtain in the event of a claim emergency. I like that the agent’s contact information is also right there as I feel like this is something people often have to tediously dig for, only adding to the stress of filing an insurance claim or making adjustments.

Personally, the whole idea of dealing with insurance-related tasks or issues overwhelms me given that I wouldn’t know the first thing to do or look for. The fear of not being in control of a situation simply because I don’t understand anything about it, automatically deters me from moving forward with resolving a problem. The longer one waits, the more impossible resolution becomes. Thankfully, my father loves me and would come to my aid in an insurance matter, since he has so much free time to handle my adult responsibilities for me (sarcasm).
This spells out any and every action one would ever need to take, in a completely comprehensive way.

I’d also like to add that I am now considering making AWS my insurance provider based solely on the fact that I felt in control and sure of what I was doing, and not helpless, confused and frustrated.

Big Don (aka “dad”) will be thrilled.


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