Personalized Business Insurance

personalized business insurance

Personalized Business Insurance

Business insurance can be a complicated subject because it contains many internal variables that need to be examined before a wise decision can be made. When you are considering business insurance, it’s crucial to seek a reputable broker or agent. Business Insurance is used to protect the business from unforeseen events that could happen to the business. An unprotected business can result in financial collapse. At AWS Insurance, our personalized business insurance experts work with you to find the best business insurance policy that meets your company’s needs. Most business owners require a combination of the following types of coverage:

  • Property Insurance
    • Property insurance can provide coverage if your business is the victim of theft. This might be theft caused by people breaking into your business or even theft by employees.
  • Liability Insurance
    • Liability insurance protects you from damages that you company inflicts on any third parties. It will cover the cost of personal injury or property damage lawsuits and injuries customers may suffer from at your place of business.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
    • Commercial auto insurance is similar to personal auto policy that provides coverages such as liability, collision, comprehensive medical payments or personal injury protection.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
    • Workers compensation coverage is a state-mandated insurance program that covers lost wages and medical treatment resulting from an employee’s work-related injury or illness. It also covers services needed to help an employee recover and return to work.


This type of insurance package offer policies that combine protection from all major property and liability risks in one package at a great rate. This is one of the most sought out types of insurance that business owners purchase. Metairie, Louisiana is a thriving community for businesses and, because of this, business owners need the best personalized business insurance around. AWS is your destination for Metairie personalized business insurance as well as serving New Orleans, Kenner, and Southern Louisiana.

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