How to Winterize Your Pool

Winterize your pool

How to Winterize Your Pool

Growing up, every kid wants a swimming pool in their backyard. For kids, it’s full of endless summer fun, pool parties, and a way to escape the grueling summer heat. But for homeowners, it can be a nightmare. Besides the maintenance and installation costs that come along with pools, swimming pools often

Pool's Closed

times significantly raise insurance rates.

The reason is simple; swimming pools are loads of fun until they aren’t anymore. There are numerous things that can go wrong including injuries ranging from a scraped knee to drowning. The dangers can also increase on pools that have diving boards, pools that are unsupervised, etc.

These are the dangers of swimming pools while in season, but now that swim season is over, residents tend to forget about their pools and the existing dangers. There are a few measures that pool owners can take to make their pools winter safe.
1. Remove toys from the pool area–Removing all toys from the pool deck will deter kids from playing around it and will help eliminate the danger of kids wandering up alone to retrieve a rogue toy.

2. Cover the pool–This may sound obvious, but residents often wait to cover their pools months after they stop swimming. The sooner your pool is covered and secured, the less likely you are to have someone accidentally fall in or hurt themselves.

3. Put a fence around your pool with a lock–Locking the area around your pool won’t completely stop people from hanging around it, but it will help. The rowdy neighborhood teenagers can still jump the fence, but the seven-year-old next door won’t be able to wander in.

4. Take the ladder away from the pool (if above ground)–Once again, removing the ladder will help reduce temptation. If there isn’t a way to get into the pool, the less likely there is to be an accident involving it.

These are just a few of our tips for pool owners to stay safe during the winter months!

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