Holiday Shopping Hassles

holiday shoppin

Holiday Shopping Hassles

Another Thing to Stress About?

There are many things to stress about during the holidays. Family visits, fantastic meals, travel arrangements, just to name a few. Worrying about damage to your car and theft of your holiday purchases should not be part of your concerns. This time of year, it is imperative to have your car and home covered by insurance. Here are a few guidelines that can help you avoid holiday shopping headaches.

Parking Lot Problems

While a significant number of people will choose to shop online this holiday season, many will still flock to physical shopping locations. More than half of shoppers will reject online shopping!
Crowded parking lots leave your car vulnerable to damage. Other drivers trying to maneuver into a parking spot may inadvertently collide into your car. One way to avoid harm to your vehicle is to park it further away from the entrance. We know this isn’t the ideal parking location, but it may keep your car safe! Bonus: you’ll be working off that holiday turkey with the extra steps you’ll be taking. If you do get into a parking lot kerfuffle, be sure to swap information with the other driver.

Stealing Holiday Joy

Thinking of storing purchases in your car while you shop for more? Even though it may seem more convenient since you don’t have to carry around an armful of purchases, it’s not the smartest move. Thieves could be anywhere watching you put items into your car. They’ll strike after you walk back into the mall. One way to avoid a break in is to move your vehicle to a different parking spot after you place purchases in there for storage. The Grinch who is watching you will think you left and you’ll be off his radar.

Home insurance may be there to help if your presents are stolen. Make sure you keep any receipts in your wallet or purse because you’ll need these if you make a claim. Being insured may not take away the frustration of vehicle damage or a burglary, but it will help put you at ease again. Our agents at AWS will gladly discuss what your policy covers with you today.

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