Have a Safe 4th of July

Have a Safe 4th of July

Tips to keep you and your loved ones safe this 4th of July!
The Fourth of July is a time that we come together as a nation to celebrate our independence. Across the United States of America, it is custom to gather with friends and family, fire up the grill, and enjoy some fireworks. While most celebrations go off without incident, accidents do occur. Here are some tips to help keep your family, your guests, and your investments out of harm’s way.

  • Always have an adult present when fireworks are being handled
  • Only light fireworks on fire-resistant surfaces
  • Do not point fireworks at yourself or others
  • Have a bucket of water nearby in case of an emergency
  • Make sure your BBQ grill is away from your home or other potential fire hazards
  • Make sure your BBQ grill is free of any grease or fat before lighting
  • Create a 3-foot buffer zone around the grill to keep children and pets at a safe distance
  • If your celebration is on a boat, make sure everyone has a life preserver handy
  • If your celebration takes place poolside, please be sure that there is a designated person to watch children while they are in the pool
  • Always drink responsibly
  • Secure your pets in a safe environment while fireworks are going off
  • And of course, please make sure that your insurance policies (homeowners, health & boat) are up-to-date

Have a Safe & Happy Fourth!


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