Haunting Halloween Insurance Tips

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Haunting Halloween Insurance Tips

Halloween is tomorrow, and we bet you’re excited. Halloween is a favorite fall tradition for many of us. While it seems like all fun and games, Halloween is an opportunity for tricksters to cause havoc. In many cities, Halloween and the night before are opportunities for pranks and mischief.

Homeowners may have concerns about potential pranks on Halloween, including ones involving the use of rotten cabbage or rotten eggs. The question on your mind might be if your homeowner’s policy will cover the damage to your home due to vandalism. If the exterior or interior of your home is damaged due to vandalism, homeowners insurance is likely to cover the cost of the damage.

However, smaller acts of vandalism might not meet your insurance deductible. In addition, in some cases, you may need to file a police report and even press charges against the suspected vandals before you can make a claim. This can be hard because of the difficulty in providing identification of the vandals. After all, most times they are in costume and in many cases, it’s a minor.

Over the years, these instances have dropped drastically. However, there is one more liability to be aware of. On Halloween, you’ll likely have a larger number of individuals coming onto your property than usual. It is possible that you may be held liable if someone has an accident on your property due to your negligence.

For example, if someone was to slip and fall on your front steps and became seriously injured: it could be bad news for you. Ensure all the pathways and walkways in your yard are well-lit. Also, as spooky as jack-o-lanterns are with real candles, this could pose a real fire risk. Should a jack-o-lantern fire get out of control, your insurance should cover the damages, but if you hurt another person or their home, it could mean a big payout by you.

Here at AWS, we want to wish you a hauntingly happy Halloween! Our insurance professionals promise not to trick you into unnecessary insurance rates and our coverage is a real treat!

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