Spooky Insurance for Haunted Attractions

insurance for haunted attractions

Spooky Insurance for Haunted Attractions

It’s that wonderful time of year when everyone is excited for Fall fun. However, before we get to the turkey and mashed potatoes, we have to hit up our favorite haunted attractions! Just like with any seasonal attraction, these destinations have to protect their business and their attendees with insurance. The most typically sought out insurance for haunted attractions is Special Events Accident & Liability Insurance.

Part of the thrill of attending a theme park is the inherent danger in it. On theme park rides, you may find yourself zipping around at the speed of light, falling from great heights, spinning, whirling and even flying. Theme parks invest in general liability for the manufacturers of theme park rides in case of injury. Theme parks are especially popular during October. Theme parks such as Universal Studios, Six Flags, Busch Gardens, and Disney attract hundreds of Halloween enthusiasts from all over the world. These businesses are no doubt covered for any spooky mishap.

However, many smaller attractions all over the country are put together by everyday people. They need insurance, too! These haunted houses are typically properties that are in use in all year round. In other words, before they get the Halloween treatment, a typical property insurance policy is usually in place. However, if you are welcoming guests to your home for a haunted experience, there is more to worry about than the typical policy covers.

The employees sustain most of the injuries in a haunted house. Frightened customers have been known to punch employees in the nose. Occasionally, customers faint from fright. During haunted hayrides, the most frequent injuries are caused by falling off of the rack. There have been several instances of customers being run over by the rack or the tractor pulling the hayride. Injuries also can happen at a pumpkin patch. Attendees typically look for their perfect pumpkin in the late afternoon when it is dark, and they injure themselves by tripping over pumpkins and vines.

AWS is your destination for insurance professionals if you are looking for insurance for your business. Don’t let the scariest thing that happens to you during this spooky season be a lack of protection through insurance. We hope you have a Happy Halloween!

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