Halloween Hazards and Insurance

halloween and insurance

Halloween Hazards and Insurance

Halloween brings tricks as well as treats. Insurance is here to help you avoid many Halloween disasters!

Your Car Gets Scrambled

You’ve seen it in the movies, but it is more common than you think. Insurance claims related to car vandalism tend to increase around Halloween. In a perfect scenario, you could merely just hose off your car. However, if your car suffers serious damage such as a broken window, then it is usually covered by comprehensive car insurance. Make sure you park your car in a garage or well-lit area to avoid this messy nonsense.

Your Yard Gets The TP Treatment

Halloween tricksters know this is one of the oldest pranks in the book: redecorating your landscape with toilet paper. It might seem like just an annoyance that you will have to clean up, but there have been instances of trees being damaged. Additionally, some residents are elderly and may not be able to clean up the mess. You should call your insurer before cleaning it up, and an adjuster will record the damage.

Your Decorations Vanish

You spent your money on the perfect Halloween decorations for your yard, but just like anything that is left unattended outside of your home – it is subject to be stolen. Homeowners, insurance often provides coverage if outdoor decorations are stolen. You should always save your receipts on all outdoor decorations.

Your Jack-o’-Lantern Goes Up In Flames

Residential fires are common around Halloween. Fire damage is covered by homeowners insurance, including living expenses if you have to live somewhere else during repairs. Try using battery-operated candles or glow sticks in your pumpkin instead of the traditional candle.

Pesky Pedestrians

Halloween brings about a higher number of pedestrian deaths than any other night of the year. Costumed people are often hard to see. Intoxicated drivers are also on the rise during this time of year because of Halloween parties and public events. Luckily, auto liability insurance covers injuries while you are driving.

For all of your insurance needs, AWS is prepared to help you make sure you are covered and protected in the case of these spooky scenarios and beyond. AWS hopes that you have a safe and fun Halloween night!


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