General Liability Lessons & The Importance of Restaurant Insurance

Importance of Restaurant Insurance

General Liability Lessons & The Importance of Restaurant Insurance


General Liability

General liability protects policyholders from a wide variety of issues like fire damage to the premises or equipment, product or food liability, personal injury and employee liability. The need for Employee Liability coverage part of a general liability policy is highlighted by the incident at Huck Finn’s Café.  Huck Finn’s Cafe is a local restaurant in the New Orleans French Quarter that has gained public attention for an employee printing a racial slur on a customer’s receipt. The incident resulted in an employee being fired and the restaurant receiving national news coverage.

While events like these can be avoided, many times business owners are unable to prevent employee-based problems or violations, so it’s really important to protect your business from this type of liability.


Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is another major insurance policy that all employers should acquire. Louisiana law requires business owners that employ one or more persons to have Workers Compensation Insurance.

Spoilage Coverage:

Spoilage coverage protects a business from losing money over temperature changes that cause food spoilage. The two covered causes of Spoilage Loss that most policies insure are the breakdown of a mechanical appliance and power outages. So whether the cooler breaks or if the power is out due to a major storm or Hurricane, tens of thousands of dollars worth of food can be lost. It’s important to make sure that your business is properly covered by insurance that covers both of these occurrences.

Commercial Auto:

If your restaurant owns a truck, van or any other vehicle used for restaurant business, and is driven by any employee, your business also needs Commercial Auto coverage for that vehicle.  A Commercial Auto policy works much like a personal auto policy, the major difference is that it protects you from liability if an employee has an accident.


There are so many things to think about as a business owner, and the best solution is to find a reputable insurance provider. At ASW Insurance, we are able to help clients find the best coverage at the best price.  Give us a call and let us help you today!

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