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AWS is a top Business Insurance Agency. We are always looking at the newest small business trends and right now: Food trucks are the biggest craze to hit the service industry. Food trucks are on the rise. For the last several years, we’ve watched this rise of the food truck from delicious hot dog carts to taco wagons and to an all-out gourmet battle driven by the food-truck followers you see today. According to a survey, more than 2.5 billion people eat street food from a food truck every day. This is great for food truck owners because they can be mobile and also spend less on creating their business. However, even though there isn’t a fixed location, business insurance is still necessary.

When you start a mobile food business, one of the most important decisions you can make is the insurance you purchase to protect your business. Due to the mobility of food trucks, finding an appropriate policy can be a bit of a challenge. Here is what you should consider if you are looking for business insurance for your food truck.

General Liability
General liability protects you from lawsuits brought against you for injury or property damage to third parties. It’s important to remember this does not cover auto-related or employee injuries. This coverage includes protecting you from your products, your premise, personal injury and property damage to others.

Workers compensation
Workers compensation pays wage replacement and medical benefits to employees if they are injured. Most states require food trucks to carry workers comp.

Property damage insurance
Property damage insurance protects the business from collision, theft, fire, and vandalism.

Truck coverage
Property coverage for the truck or trailer can come from comprehensive, collision and inland marine policies.  Property coverage policies are designed to protect the food truck and attached equipment.

Auto Liability
The greatest risk for large liability claims do not come from the food you serve, but the truck you drive on the road. You want to make sure will be covered to injury or property damage to others if there is an accident while driving from spot to spot. When an automobile is moving, auto liability will be applied. Once the truck is parked, general liability coverage takes over.

Contents Coverage
This protects the items that are not attached to your food truck or food trailer. The is coverage that is often overlooked, but it includes property damage losses due to a collision, vandalism, theft or other covered losses.

Additional Coverages
Other coverage options are also available as add-ons. For example, umbrella insurance is excess coverage above and beyond your limits of general liability or auto liability insurance. This coverage is often required by large contracts. Food spoilage is another optional coverage that can pay for your spoiled food.

AWS can offer you a policy that covers you completely. Even though your business might be on-the-go, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have maximum coverage. Anything can happen. Come learn why AWS is known as the top business insurance agency in Louisiana!

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