Creating A Flood Safety Plan: Flood Insurance – AWS Insurance

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Creating A Flood Safety Plan: Flood Insurance – AWS Insurance

For those of us in Louisiana, we know how important it is to have great flood insurance coverage, but what about a flood preparation plan? Equally important is the answer. Don’t wait until after a flood occurs to be prepared. There are plenty of measures you can take to ensure your family’s safety and minimize losses to your home and belongings. In the event you are the victim of a flood disaster, let AWS Insurance assist you in the flood recovery process.

Home Preparation for Flood Safety

One of the most important measures you can take to protect your home from floods is to ensure your sump pump is working properly. You may also want to install a battery-operated backup in the event of a power failure – common in hurricanes. Although this is only applicable if you own one and have a lower area to your home like a basement, it should always be considered. Another measure you can take that should be applicable to any home, is ensuring all electrical items are unplugged and at least 12 inches above flood elevation estimates. This particular measure could not be any more strongly enforced for the safety of your family, who is either still in the home or returning after a flood occurs. You should also secure all important documents and valuables (preferably in a safe), and furniture to a higher, upper floor of your home.

Inventory Possessions: Flood Safety

You should always ensure that you keep accurate information on all the possessions in your home in a secure place. In the event of a hurricane or flood, this information will assist the insurance company to reimburse you for the value of your home and belongings (at appropriate amounts estimated by the insurance company). It is recommended that you keep photographed and videoed records of your belongings along with copies of any important personal documentation on your home, flood or home insurance policies, and finances.

Family Emergency Plan: Hurricane or Flood

To assist you in planning your family emergency plan for a hurricane or flood, here are some key details to consider in what to include in your emergency plan:

  • Include water, imperishable foods, first aid kits, blankets, batteries, radio, and a flashlight in your emergency kit.
  • Create copies of emergency telephone numbers for your family.
  • Create a flood evacuation route from your home, work, and school to ensure you can escape safely from the area in the most efficient route possible.
  • Ensure pets are protected and up-to-date on important vaccinations. See more information on establishing a pet preparedness plan.

Your home, belongings, and family are very important to you. These small steps are just some things you can do to ensure that the things you care about most are protected. Consult with your flood insurance expert to determine the best flood insurance coverage for you to best protect your home and family. Remember, homeowner’s insurance does not cover the damages caused by flood waters – only flood insurance.

AWS Insurance serves New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, and Southern Louisiana by providing protection for your home, business, or family with affordable plans in property insurance, liability insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and flood insurance from our Metairie, LA office. Our corporate clients can rest assured that our dedicated advisers at AWS Risk Management, LLC will help you implement workable solutions that achieve maximum asset protection with minimal cost of risk to your company.

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