Car Insurance: Unexpected Areas of Coverage

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Car Insurance: Unexpected Areas of Coverage

The primary concern when driving is of course, what happens if I get into an accident? What happens if I wreck my car? How much of a setback and inconvenience will it be for me in the event I actually do crash? Fixing your fenders may not be the forefront of your problem. Luckily, your car insurance policy may contain some elements of protection you weren’t even aware of.

Here are 7 unexpected things your car insurance policy can cover.

1. Pet Injuries
Specific to certain policies, your car insurance can cover injuries to pets in the event they get injured in an accident. Pets often travel in cars without seat belts or other safety harnesses, making them vulnerable to injury. This is common when traveling with dogs, as they tend to roam free in the cabin or hang out the window. In the event they sustain an injury, your car insurance may be able to cover their medical expenses.

2. Lost wages after a collision
In more serious cases, injuries sustained may cause the afflicted party to miss work. Your policy may be able to recover some or all wages lost. This is part of Personal Injury Protection, an optional policy addition in Louisiana. Be sure to verify with your insurance agent if this applies to your policy, you might want to include it.

3. Riots!
Whether it be sports fans celebrating in the streets or protests gone too far, your car can get caught in the wake of rioters. Riots are not commonly thought of when considering insurance policies, but certainly can be applicable in certain situations.

4. Floods
Home insurance does not include flood insurance, but auto insurance can. Be sure to understand the logistics of your policy if you live in an area prone to flooding. New Orleans is a prime example.

5. Someone else driving your car
If you lend a friend your car and they are responsible for an accident, who pays? This question receives a lot of speculation, making it important to know the difference between rumor and reality. If a friend is responsible for the accident, your insurance pays, and the claim goes on your record. If you let a friend drive your car, you better trust them.

6. Space junk
Rare? Yes. Possible? Yes. Your auto insurance policy can cover these damages in the event debris falls from the sky. Comprehensive Coverage can cover this as well as animal collisions and other damages unrelated to cars on car accidents.

7. Rodent damage
Comprehensive Coverage can cover these damages as well. Rodents and other smaller animals can chew through electrical wiring and ruin the functionality of your car.

There are plenty of other extenuating circumstances that your insurance policy might be able to cover. The important thing to remember is to ask your agent if you’re covered, no matter how unlikely the issue may seem.

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