Safety and Car Accident Avoidance Tips – New Orleans, LA

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Safety and Car Accident Avoidance Tips – New Orleans, LA

Anybody who has ever been in a car accident can tell you, it can be a horrifying experience. Between the trauma of the impact itself, the potential injuries that may occur, and the damage done to your car or property, it can be a lot to handle. While insurance can take care of injuries and car insurance can help in case of damage to your car, the stress that accompanies having an accident is better avoided altogether. There are a few safety tips that can help you avoid car accidents, and even several tips to follow if you know an accident is inevitable. While some of these may seem like no-brainers, the majority are easy to overlook if you don’t make a conscious effort to implement them.

  1. Buckle your seatbelt. Perhaps the most obvious tip of all, it’s always worth mentioning to buckle your seatbelt. No amount of insurance can make up for some injuries that are likely to happen in an auto accident if you don’t wear your seatbelt, and it’s always worth taking the extra couple of seconds to ensure your safety.
  2. Adjust all mirrors for visibility. It’s easy to get lazy, especially if you’re only driving a short distance, but always make sure your mirrors accommodate maximum visibility. If somebody else if driving your car, make sure to give permission for your mirrors to be moved- many times people won’t adjust them without permission.
  3. Ensure that your headrest is at the proper level. Aside from feeling more comfortable, having your headrest at the proper height can significantly decrease the likelihood of injury in case of a crash.
  4. Ignore electronic devices. By far some of the biggest contributors to distracted driving are music players, phones, or video players that can ultimately lead to car accidents. If you truly need to use your device, pull over to a safe area to use your device before resuming your drive. Please, don’t text and drive.
  5. Get routine inspections for your car. Having a blinker or brake light out can make it harder to communicate with other vehicles, while other issues such as low tire pressure or faulty transmission can potentially be caught early and thus eliminate potential accidents on the road.
  6. If you know a crash is coming, look ahead. Looking to the side can increase the chances of neck injury, and although looking forward won’t eliminate injuries altogether, it can reduce the impact put on your neck in case of a crash.
  7. Lean your head back on the headrest. Having your head on the headrest during the point of impact can also decrease your chances of significant injury. And although it won’t guarantee that no injuries will happen, every little bit helps when it comes to safety.

Having a good insurance policy helps in case of a car accident, but we can all agree that it’s far better to avoid them altogether. Make sure that you stay focused when on the road, and take as many precautionary measures as necessary to protect yourself and others.

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