Building an Indoor Pool… or Did Your House Just Flood?

Flooding in Home

Building an Indoor Pool… or Did Your House Just Flood?

When they say, “SPRING IS IN THE AIR!” -> We say, “Suit up, ‘April Showers’ y’all,” or the classic, “It’s supposed to rain,” when trying to make plans for just about anything.
When they say “SUMMER TIME AND THE LIVIN IS EASY!” -> We say, “Happy HURRICANE SEASON, do you have an escape plan?”

SPOILER ALERT, Gulf states are riddled with inclement weather 6 months out of the year! Need an example? Please reference the following:

Monday, April 27, 2015 –
For the past 2-3 weeks, it has stormed non-stop across New Orleans and the surrounding gulf areas. This is the corresponding weather report:

Getting back to the point, chronic wind and rain tend to result in flooding of streets and homes (we know, we’ve done the leg work). Regarding damage protection, not only did flood premiums see a drastic increase beginning April 1, but homeowners insurance is slated to go up as well. Sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but this Big Easy life ain’t always easy and Coastal Living isn’t a breeze… but the good outweighs the inconvenience, which is why we’re proud to call this region Home!

As far as the added expenses in flood coverage (not to mention Hurricane insurance), think about how much money it costs to repair your home even after one flooding incident (let alone several). You’re actually saving by spending on proper coverage… unless you decide to turn your downstairs into an indoor pool to beat the heat and dodge summer storms, in which case BRAVO, you just beat the system as well.

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