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Bicycle Insurance

There’s a reason why people are searching for the best bicycle insurance. Since 2005, New Orleans has quadrupled the number of people that are biking to work every day. The League of American Bicyclists recognized New Orleans’s growing support for more bike-centric streets in the fall of 2014. It gave NOLA a silver badge.

Every day, a bicycle is stolen in New Orleans. So many bikes are stolen in New Orleans, that there are sites and Facebook groups dedicated to recovering stolen bikes and getting them back to their original owners. Most households own a bike or two, and chances are they’re worth a fair bit of money. Here’s all you need to know about bicycle insurance and how to add a bike to your home insurance policy.

Bikes are a great way of getting around. They are cheap to use, environmentally friendly and is an excellent form of exercise. Unfortunately, bikes are easy to steal. Thieves have learned how to crack open bike locks in a matter of seconds. Nationally, more than 500,000 bikes are stolen every year. Luckily, a bicycle can be added to your home insurance policy.

Too many cyclists assume their bike is automatically covered under their home contents insurance. You can add your bike your home contents insurance policy at any time. However, once insured, you will need to treat the situation as you would with your car. For example, if someone else wants to ride your bike, you need to name them on your policy just like with your car.

Unlike car insurance, bicycle insurance isn’t usually thought about. At AWS Insurance, we believe that all of your possessions should be valued. If you would like to add any items to your home insurance to protect against theft, contact one of our insurance agents today! You may not be able to prevent thieves from stealing your possessions, but you can avoid suffering a complete loss on your prized possessions.

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