Are Your Valuables Safe?

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Are Your Valuables Safe?

Where in your home do you hide your valuables? It turns out that most homeowners have the same answer. Dressers, closets, filing cabinets, and under the bed are among the most popular places to keep a secret stash. The sock drawer is considered especially safe for personal treasures, but how secure are these hiding places?

Halifax Home Insurance carried out research in 2008 during which they looked at where items were stolen from in 250 burglaries. As one could imagine, burglars are in tune with the most popular hiding spots. Even the refrigerator or the freezer isn’t safe! One robber said in an interview, “Old fish finger boxes in the fridge… that is the first place you would look for something they don’t want you to find.”

When selecting a hiding spot, it is important to remember that thieves are strapped for time. Being in a rush means if they can pick it up and run out of your house with it, they will. So, safes that are not bolted to the ground are a no go. Items they can spot easily, especially from the street, are going to be first on a burglar’s list. Your cherished possessions are more secure in a safe that you can bolt to the floor or the wall.

However, planting a fake stash can throw burglars off the trail. Remember, these guys just want to get in and out. Putting a small amount of cash in your sock drawer can make a thief believe they found your entire stash and they’ll leave everything else untouched.

Here are some places that might keep your valuables safer:

  • Buried in the “soil” of a fake plant
  • Anywhere in a kid’s room – burglars rarely enter children’s rooms.
  • In between the pages of a book
  • In an old coffee tin or soup can

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