3 Insurance Innovations

innovative insurance solutions

3 Insurance Innovations

By now, you’ve probably heard of innovative insurance solutions. We all have our theories as to what the future holds for the insurance industry. Robots writing policies for autonomous vehicles? This scenario may be a possibility, but not an immediate one. Let’s discuss a few possible innovations that are on the horizon for the insurance industry.

Chances are, you have already dabbled in augmented reality (AR). AR combines computer-generated elements with the real world. Popular apps like Snapchat and PokemonGo use this kind of technology. We predict that AR will eventually find its way into the insurance world!  It will enable insurers to enhance reality with graphics and other computer-generated interactive tools. Insurance agencies will soon be able to integrate AR into their apps, which could help customers file claims and even create home inventories.

Another innovation that is bound to be instituted within the insurance industry is quantum computing. Quantum computing could provide, well, a quantum leap into the future! We believe this innovation could open up new data sets and provide insurers with a new approach to processing information.

As we always see in business, we believe the insurance industry will see a lot more consolidation of smaller insurance companies. We see this trend across many industries – smaller startups become a part of larger, more seasoned companies. We’re seeing a growing number of innovative, small insurance start-ups pop up in recent times.

We have compiled the best in available technology into our AWS 24/7 app! Our app allows you to keep up to date with your policies 24/7, no matter where you are located. You can request policy changes, obtain certificates of insurance, retrieve auto IDs and more.

AWS remains at the forefront of insurance innovation! We strive to protect you, your family and your business the best in insurance technology. Contact us today and learn what AWS can do for you.

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