2018 Insurance Checklist

2018 insurance checklist

2018 Insurance Checklist

It’s the beginning of a new year, and we all want this year to be better than the last! The start of a new year is a great time to reevaluate your insurance policies. Life is ever-changing and may lead to different insurance needs. Here at AWS, we want to help determine whether your current policies provide adequate coverage or if you might need more or less.

Life Insurance
You may have had a baby, gone through a divorce, a remarriage or secured a new job. All of these are indicators that you might need to at least review your life insurance policy.

AWS will help you go over your policy and answer these questions:

  • Can the policy be converted into another form of insurance?
  • In what situations and through what procedures can you assess cash values?
  • How much do the benefits build up in the policy?
  • Do premiums vary from year to year?

Certain life events might mean that you can lower your life insurance coverage and premiums. Talking to an experienced agent here at AWS will make this much easier.

Health Insurance
If you have had a change in employer, location or qualify for Medicare, then you need to make sure you have new insurance cards. It’s also important to check your provider lists to make sure visits to your doctor is still covered by your policy. Additionally, always carefully read through your documents and make a note of copays.

Auto Insurance
If you have had any changes in your driving habits, then make sure you tell your agent. It’s important to make sure your coverage is appropriate for your life situation. Remember to have a copy of your insurance card in your vehicle.

Homeowners Insurance
The new year is the best time to update your home inventory and make sure your homeowner’s policy is up-to-date. Take some photos or videos of your possessions and make sure to note any antique items and their value. Since it is right after the Christmas season, you might have to note new gifts that you have received as well.

Here at AWS, we offer the best coverage in homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, flood insurance, health insurance and life insurance for everyone in Metairie, New Orleans, and surrounding areas. We care deeply about our community and want to ensure that this year is your best year yet. If you need some help, reassurance, or just a little validation: come to AWS today!

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