10 Tips for Louisiana Homeowners With Flood Damage

flooded streets in Covington

10 Tips for Louisiana Homeowners With Flood Damage

flooded streets in Covington caused flood damage for many residentsAll across Louisiana, homeowners have been dealing with the after-effects of torrential rains and rising rivers. If you drive through North Louisiana or the Covington-area in South Louisiana, people are already piling wet carpet on the curb and ripping out waterlogged sheet-rock.

Last week, during the height of the flooding, Shreveport resident Dick Maxwell said,”I went to my cupboard this morning got out my home insurance and flood insurance forms, and they’re sitting on the table. If we have to call, we can call.” Maxwell, a resident of the Yarborough Subdivision, was initially hesitant to evacuate but was prepared if it came time to go.

Like Maxwell, you need to be ready when a storm comes through and the waters rise. Here are a few tips that could ease the pain of submitting your claims.

1. Review your policy and make sure your coverage includes flood damage (check your declarations page)

2. Notify your insurer

3. Get an anticipated timeframe

4. Separate damaged and undamaged property before the adjuster arrives

5. Document all damage

6. Make temporary repairs/accommodations until an adjuster can come out to your home to assess the damage.

7. Get bids from reliable contractors

Living in Louisiana, we all know that this will happen again. It’s not an if, but a when. If you were lucky this time, here are a few steps you can take before the next high-water event.

1. Take photos and/or videos of your valuables (before and after).

2. Record serial and model numbers, especially for high-value items like televisions, washers, dryers, refrigerators, entertainment systems, etc.

3. Keep receipts and record date and place of purchase for items, original purchase prices (keep receipts), and detailed descriptions of the items.

If your property was damaged or you would like to reassess your flood insurance and homeowners coverage, give AWS a call today at 504-883-4111 or 504-883-4111, and one of our advisors will happily assist you.

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